Is the day to begin adapting to new technologies


Was the time to start


Is up to you,
and we can help you get there

What We Do

We can provide advice covering a range of areas including:

Getting Started

We assist individuals and businesses in learning the fundamentals of blockchain backed cryptocurrencies

Secure Crypto Storage

Step by step guide on keeping your crypto safe from malicious users


Help design, build, and acquire mining equipment for your home or warehouse

Tax Preparation

We will prepare your taxes from your trades, mining, and income


Teach you which of the various exchanges are safe to use and how to navigate within them

Business Implementation

Setup your business with a merchant account and start accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment

About Us

We are here to get you started on the blockchain. Headquartered in South Carolina, providing individuals and businesses with professional advice on cryptocurrency applications


Our Team

By having a wide range of experts with diverse views, we can bring creative solutions to our clients

our difference

Our Difference

Our approach in advising our clients is to treat each case the same no matter the size, this is what sets us apart from our competition

long view

Our Mission

To provide clients with knowledge and confidence in utilizing the latest blockchain technologies for themselves or their businesses

How We Work

Our philosophy is simple — we put YOU first

  • As an independent advisor, we do not have a vested interest in specific products or services that can bias our judgment or recommendations
  • We are a boutique firm and we thrive on building long-term relationships with our clients
  • Upstate Blockchain prides itself in working as a team — both internally and with you — offering as much guidance as you need
  • We are large enough to offer advice on a broad range of topics, and small enough to provide exceptionally personalized services to our clients

How to Get Started?

To be an effective partner, we need to know you and your goals

Get in touch

The best way to get started is to simply contact us via email or contact form

Initial meeting

It helps us to get to know each other and ascertain whether our service will be beneficial for you

If you decide to proceed…

We set up a second meeting, which is the start of the planning process